Drone the Lava Coastline of Hawaii

The Big Island of Hawaii is the youngest of all of the major Hawaiian Islands. It’s estimated age is 1,000,000 years old. Much of the island’s topography is still in the form of Lava, dried, aged and solid. Depending on the age of the lava flow defines the condition of the dried lava.

The northern part of the island is the oldest part. The volcanic Kohala complex has long been extinct and is where you will find most of the actual dirt on the island.

The further south you go the closer you get to our most active volcano, Kilauea, and the lava is more defined and apparent.

No mater where you are at though here on the big island, you can find spots of sand throughout the the lava outcroppings. The natural safe harbor is ideal for children to play in the sand and be safe.

The lava is an amazingly rich source of minerals for plant life and beautiful orchids and other flowering plants that relish the fertility of the young earth!

Flower species in Hawaii Maiapilo native flower blooms
Maiapilo, a native species that only occurs in Hawaii. Each flower blooms for a single night. It is related to capers.

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When the lava ages it becomes either dirt or a hard blue rock depending on the exposure that it received from the elements through out the centuries. This island is too young to have gold, silver, diamonds or other precious metals.

Lava field from the 1800's appears still hot

There are many different types of lava that are differentiated by when the flow occurred or the weather on when it initially cured.

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