Magic Sands on Ali’i Drive

Magic Sands Surf session

If you live in Kona you are already well aware of Magic Sands on Ali’i Drive.

Disappearing Sands Kailua Kona Hawaii

If you are coming to visit, I guarantee you will want to spend at least one day at Magics! This is the most popular sandy beach in Kona! Magic Sands, otherwise known as Disappearing Sands and “White Sands Beach” has an official name of “Laʻaloa Beach County Park”.

Disappearing Sands

It is about 5 miles south of Kailua Kona’s Pier on Ali’i Drive.

Ali'i Sand

This a great beach for body boarding or surfing. You can also swim, snorkel or just hang out on the beach. There is a volleyball net usually set up waiting for a game. There is a Lifeguard on duty and shower and bathroom facilities. The best place for parking is across the street.  There can be strong surf break on the shore and it can be dangerous. The lifeguard on duty will inform the public in instances where the surf is dangerous to be careful or even stay out of the water. La’a loa means “very sacred” in the Hawaiian language. There was a parking area just south of the beach that has been permanently closed this year in respect of the Hawaiian La’a loa Ohana but there is plenty of parking across Ali’i Drive. The heavy surf in the winter and spring months can take the sand completely away and bring it right back with a new surge!

White Sands Beach

Just north of the beach is Pahoehoe Beach County Park, although the shoreline here is rocky lava with a few coral pebbles, there are picnic tables, restrooms, and running water. About a mile south of Magic Sands is Kahaluʻu Bay which is one of the best snorkel spots around other than “two step” next to the Place of Refuge. Make sure when planning your trip to take a day off from the busy scheduling to kick back and enjoy the waves at Magic Sands!


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