Waialea Beach

Waialea Beach, or as the locals call it 69 Beach hasn’t been as easily accessible as it has been in the last couple of years.

69 Beach Waikoloa

It used to take a jacked up 4×4 to get back into the beach. There were no vehicle restrictions on the waterfront either and locals used to camp out and have raging camp fires in the sand. The beach has since been developed into a location that you can easily take a convertible to. There is a new shower area next to the bathrooms.

Great Snorkeling

Everything is maintained very nicely, however parking can be difficult if you get there past 10am to about 3pm. Also finding a spot can be tough. Expect a fairly good hike through sand to find your own little paradise. The sand is perfect, mixed in with outcroppings of lava with lots of trees for shade along the waterfront.

Tree Swing at 69 Beach

Boogie boarding is usually limited to floating around. The beach is in a cove of it’s own and is protected from the bigger waves of the ocean.

Sunsets at 69 beach

Snorkeling is great around the 50′ X 75′ island in the middle of the beach area, the water is about 20′ deep. There are lots of different types of fish in the bay and makes it a great place to not only snorkel but scuba dive as well. You could spend a whole day exploring around the bay.

Snorkel heaven

On the northern side it gets a little shallow under low tide and there is a private nudist beach that is well blocked from the public beach but you can be startled when snorkeling and you come up and see a bunch of naked people.

Hawaii beaches

Through the winter months you will be able to see Humpback Whales off the coast as you are kicked back with your toes in the sand under the shade of a Kiawe Tree. Watch out for the stickers on the branches!

The reason the locals call it 69 beach is because there is a power pole down by the beach area that is numbered “69” and it was a lot easier to pronounce.

Sun bathing on a beach in Hawaii

There is a small residential area just off the beach and it is wise to be respectful. There aren’t any lifeguards at this beach but you will see an officer wander through a couple of times a day looking for open containers.

Ala KahaKai Trail head is also located here. This is a medium to low grade hiking trail that follows the coastline over ancient trails and Hawaiian Kings roads. There are some beautiful beaches along the trail and some alkaline ponds. This is a great trail to explore. All totaled it is a 15.4 mile loop and 69 beach is a part of it.


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