Town of Kealakekua


Aloha! Mahalo for checking out our page about Kealakekua, Hawaii! This town is rich with Hawaiian history, covered in a thick green foliage of jungle. We’ll try to hack our way through the underbrush to entertain and to educate!


The town of Kealakekua, Hawaii is 10 miles south of Kailua Kona. The town is 85.5 miles from Hilo, Hawaii across the saddle road and 116 miles if you through Volcano, Hawaii. The population of Kealakekua was 2,019 in the last census, 2010. The elevation sits at 1550 feet above sea level.

aerial of bay

Kealakekua plays a very important role for the residents of the North Kona and South Kona Districts. If you get hurt surfing or hiking, or if you get a ticket and want to fight it, you’ll have to come to Kealakekua. This town is the location of the court house and the Hospital for these two districts. he city is in the process of building a new Court House down in Kailua Kona across from KMart.  Konawaena High School serves all of South Kona, and this town is also the one of the locations for the University of Hawai’i Community College.

This small community is packed full of amenities from grocery shopping to McDonalds fast food. It is surrounded by the world famous coffee farms of Hawaii.


Kealakekua is also the route you will take to Kealakekua Bay, the landing spot of Captain Cook, who sailed into Kealakekua Bay in January 1779 and was killed here a month later.

Captain Cook Monument

A monument on the shore memorializes his death. This spot is also praised as being the best snorkeling in the world. Kealakekua is a marine sanctuary and is packed full of exotic fish and dolphins!

You’ve probably heard of this town from the beloved song “My Little Grass Shack in Kealakekua, Hawaii,” written in 1933 and performed by Bill Cogswell, Tommy Harrison and Johnny Noble.

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