Akaka Falls

showering falls

Akaka Falls is a spectacular Featured Attraction on the Big Island! This towering waterfall is located in the AKAKA FALLS STATE PARK. The park is a total of 65.4 acres. Hours when the gate is open is 8:30 am – 6 pm, seven days a week. Akaka means in the Hawaiian language, “crevice”. The waterfall is 422 feet dropping straight into a large pool that is inaccessible. Restroom facilities are on-site, at the parking area.

View of local plantlife

There is a 5 dollar parking fee for nonresidents. Jungle Waterfall

There is a trail to the falls and you can take two different routes. If you take a left after you’ve paid for admission it is much shorter and better for the elderly or physically impaired. Keep in mind that there are stairs to climb and this is not handicap accessible. If you take a right is is much longer but the beauty is worth the trip and you will get to see Kahanu Falls which is a 100 foot high waterfall.

small stream

422 Feet drop

If you hike the entire loop it is only a half of a mile all the way around, but it seems longer because of the elevation differences. It is paved the whole way which is nice. Kolekole creek  feeds Akaka Falls. To get to Akaka Falls you will drive through the town of Honomu, Hawaii. In Hawaiian legend, Akaka (a Hawaiian god) lived near the waterfall.

Akaka stream

In the story he often visited two young maidens, Lehua and Maile, even though he had a wife. On one particular day his wife returned home early from gathering orchids and Akaka was caught visiting with Lehua and Maile. He ran as quickly as he could back to his home and at the top of the falls he stepped on the slippery rocks and fell to his death. According to the legend, Maile and Lehua turned into two twin, smaller, waterfalls near Akaka Falls and weep there for Akaka to this day. Now the Hawaiians say when people say when a person touches the big rock outcropping at the top of the falls with a lehua branch, or a maile lei, it will rain.
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