Town of Honomu

DowntownAloha! Welcome to Honomu, Hawaii! It is very likely you and your family will be traveling through Honomu on your way to Akaka Falls!Community overlook Akaka Falls has over one million visitors every year but this small town has only 509 residents since the last census in 2010. So as you can imagine, this small town specializes in one thing. Tourism! I would guess there would be more room for growth considering the number of visitors just driving by every day!

Akaka Falls waterfallThere are a ton of waterfalls in this area and considering the fact that in November alone it rains over a foot on average! The weather stays warm so it is not such a distraction, but I would definitely suggest bringing an umbrella! Umauma Falls waterfall

Honomu’s started getting permenant residents around the late 1800s, the Reciprocity Treaty was signed by the Kingdom of Hawaii and the United States government in 1876. During this time Honomu was focused on the Sugar industry and you will drive by old sugar cane fields on your journey.

Two Large BanyansAs you can imagine, Honomu is now pretty much all tourism orientated. There are some great nick knack shops where you can buy souvenirs, Art snacks and food (rain gear too if you forgot). Make sure you stop into Honomu and see what they have to offer. I bet you come up with an idea of a perfect business opportunity. There are also two  huge banyan trees you will want to check out at the intersection heading to Akaka Falls.

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