Town of Laupahoehoe

point breakLaupāhoehoe, Hawaii is a seaside community with a population of 610 people living on the Eastern shores of the Big Island of Hawaii. The town’s name, translated, means “lava tip or leaf” and refers to the triangular lava peninsula formed by prehistoric pāhoehoe (smooth lava) flows that created the cape where the town was established.the bay
The general elevation sits around 433 feet allowing the climate to be very steady and typical year around. The average High in the Summer is 73 and the average lows run around 58. In the winter the average temperatures range from 52 for a low to 69 degrees for a high.
waterfallThere are a few “rainy seasons”. March and November will produce the most rain at averages of 13.3 and 11.3 respectively. Even is the “dry months they average 4.5 inches in June and 5 inches in September allowing for the plant life to explode in a flurry of color with beautiful flowers painted everywhere!the community

Train MuseumThe most popular attraction to Laupahoehoe is the Train Museum. This is a must-see destination! The Museum and Visitors’ Center opened on March 1, 1998, and shares the story of Hawaii’s railroads, plantations, tsunami’s, and the general history of the Hamakua Coastal region. The train line has long sense been dismantled and is no longer in service but the history is intriguing!
TsunamiApril 1, 1946 was a terrible day for Laupāhoehoe and all of the Big Island. At 7:00am they were struck by three horrific tsunamis that are said to have been as high as 50′ and originated from the Alaskan Aleutian Islands earthquake.tsunami damage Around 160 people island-wide were killed from the effects of the tsunamis. monumentAlthough the greatest number of deaths occurred in Hilo, tragically the school building was hit, twenty three young students and four teachers were sadly drowned, only 2 children and one teacher survived. A monument was erected to honor the fallen and stands to this day at Laupāhoehoe Point.


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