Town of Pa’auilo, Hawaii

Pa'auilo, HawaiiPa’auilo, Hawaii. This is a small village on the North east part of the island located near the scenic beautyHamakua Gultches of the Hāmākua gulch area. These gulches shoot straight down a 1000 foot drop with many of them having beautiful waterfalls. The elevation on Pa’auilo is 712 feet above sea level. Pa’auilo has a population of 595. The temperatures in Pa’auilo are moderate, the highest average temperatures are in August and they range from 64 degrees to 79 degrees. The coldest month is February with lows averaging 58 degrees and highs at around 74. March is the rainiest season getting on average of 14.5 inches of rain in the month of March making the area very lush and green! Agriculture is still the biggest industry in Pa’auilo, instead of sugar, they now raise cattle and harvest trees that grow at a rapid rate indicative of the climate. TAP HERE FOR A MAP TO Pa’auilo, Hawaii

Pa'auilo, Hawaii HighwayPa’auilo was the location of the original Hāmākua Sugar company.  Fields of Pa'auilo, HawaiiEven though much of the area is still in agriculture. Tourism, as in most of the Hawaiian Towns, thrive. The laid-back nature of the area and the people of Pa’auilo make this small community a great get away!

Pa’auilo hosts several botanical gardens and Zipline adventures. You can spend days and days strolling through some of these gardens and parks, seeing some of the most amazing plant life!

Pa'auilo, HawaiiPa’auilo is near the bayfront, known as the Piopio. Prior to colonial times, this bayfront was used by King Kamehameha as a gathering point for warriors and their canoes and under his command, this bay was a major part of the King’s strategic effort to bring together with force, the islands of Hawaii.

The Hawaiian Vanilla Company is a great place to visit and learn how they make vanilla. You will be relaxingly entertained with the shopping throughout the small town for local wares!Cattle fields

I hope you enjoyed our tour of Pa’auilo! I will continue to work my way all around the island. Next week Laupahoehoe! To stay updated; like me on Facebook or subscribe to my posts or just check-in once in a while. This is going to be a great trip!

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