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Soaring through the jungle

ALOHA!! This adventure on the Big Island of Hawaii may be one of the most exhilarating ways to see the canopy, high above the jungle zipping from one platform high in the trees to the next one. Ryan hanging upside downThe Professional Zip Line companies that we have highlighted below offer opportunities to see the island from the aspect of a bird soaring across the top of the trees in thick rain forests. Click the “Zip Line companies” specific widgets below to explore each of the terrific websites and prepare yourself to start getting excited! Glide effortlessly past flowing pristine waterfalls with colorful rainbows in the background all at a comfortable 75 degrees, year around! See exotic tropical birds and orchids clinging from the top of trees, this is a memory you will never forget!


The staffs at all of our zip lines listed are top notch and very helpful. They are specially trained to safely help you have a terrific time!

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There are several special zip line companies that can be found on this site and are the best Zip Lines on the island! Many of these locations also have beautiful gardens and pathways and rope bridges through dense fauna. One even has a maze you can explore through and Segway rentals even! Click the widgets below to explore some of your zip line options!

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