Taxi Service

Night time rideALOHA! The easiest way to get around Kona Town is to take a taxi.It’s the fastest and most convenient way.

Ali'i Drive

You can arrange for a taxi to come pick you up wherever you are in the Kailua Kona area. If you’re on a busy street like Ali’i Drive or Palani or Kuakini Highway, especially downtown Kona, you can wait for a taxi to come by.

Sea wall downtown

When you see a taxi, see if the light on the roof is off, the taxi is already occupied. If the light is on, it is available, so you can hail it by raising your hand. When you have a cab, you can load your suitcases, or the driver will do it for you. Most taxis have an automatic charge for luggage, about $1.00 per bag. In addition, some taxis also charge more for extra passengers, and some have a special airport tax! Therefore, be prepared to pay well for your taxi ride. The benefits are the speed, the privacy, the comfort, and the fact that a taxicab will drop you off right where you want. Don’t forget to tip the driver! That’s an additional 10-20%.

 Within the last seven years, the Taxi industry in Hawaii has seen the trend of customers moving from driving themselves back and forth between destinations to utilizing other forms of transportation such as public transportation and other private transportation services.Bali Kai condos
The growth rate for the Taxi sector has been 4% for the last three years and is estimated to reach 5.6% for the next four years.
The increase in growth is benefited due to several factors:
An increase in business travel.
Increased hassles associated with driving and parking automobiles.
The recognition of the ever-decreasing amount of free time, and the time that is saved by utilizing Taxi service. Mahalo for checking out our Taxi blog! Stay updated by signing up to our blog! For more experiences, see our adventure directory below! -Ryan

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Check out this Taxi for a quick ride!
Kona Taxis

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Palm Tree Island

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Kailua Kona, Hawaii
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