ALOHA!! Tattoo Artists! No other way to remember your vacation to this paradise island than to get an authentic island tattoo! Check out some of these extremely talented artists and find the one that fits best for you!

Joes brother portrait
It really amazes me that this island attracts such talented tattoo artists. There is a Polynesian theme that resonates with the local tattoo artwork but whether you want tribal art to Asian styling to portrait tattoo work and everything in between, these tattoo artists that we have listed are amazing and can do anything your imagination can come up with!
Tattooing was a ceremony considered sacred with the early Polynesian Society. The tattoos themselves, and where the tattoos were located on the body were differentiated by family heritage, there role in the community and what each tribesman had accomplished.

tribal design

 With the “high society” of Maori, the social hierarchy Māori had tattoos, and those who went without being tattooed were seen as people in the bottom of their societies triangle.
Need an idea for a tattoo? Check Out this “Free” source for some great Ideas! CLICK HERE! Deciding on a tattoo that will be inked on your skin forever is a big decision. Going through the photos on this website will help you get some great ideas! Become educated about tattoos and their symbolic meanings, get inspired, save the ones you like and easily contact the artists below to find out how you too can get an amazing design with a theme inspired by you or with help from the tattooist!! We hope you enjoyed our blog about tattooist here in Kona! Check out our other adventures below our list of Tattoo artists! -Ryan


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