Snorkel and Dive in Kona

Coral and fish

ALOHA!! Mahalo for surfing our site where our professionals swim off the shores of the Big Island of Hawaii, out of Kailua Kona, Hawaii. Underwater diving opens you up to whole new world! Dolphins and it's pupThe lava cliffs and coral outcroppings below the sea level of the Big Island coast are teeming with tropical fish in an amazing frenzy of life! The Kona Coastline’s fertile and warm waters welcome millions of colorful fish that have just as many differences as contrast of color and energy! There is really a feeling of becoming one with the underwater world as you float through caverns and dive through caves Ka'alu'u clear waterthat are scattered throughout the coral reefs. Dolphins are common swimming partners on most of these tours that our Safety conscious guides below will treat you and your family or friends to. Whether you are a beginner or an expert these teams will show you an awesome time with the right equipment so you don’t need to bring Good timesyour own. Diving or snorkeling in Kona is the most relaxing way to feel like you are soaring like a bird through the beauty of the Sea! The Snorkeling company below offers amazing opportunities to see the island from the aspect of a fish. Swim past reefs filled with thousands of fish at a comfortable 80 degrees, year around! See Dolphins and turtles in their own natural environment, this is a memory you will never forget! Make sure to take pictures of your memories with a water proof camera! Call Ocean Safaris below to get into contact with the best company in Kona for snorkeling!

Call the Number below to schedule your Tour or rental!
Kailua Kona Ocean Safari

Call Devin with Ocean Safari at (808) 494-4144
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(808) 640-0072
Kailua Kona, Hawaii
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