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Lobster and grilled corn

ALOHA!! Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner, Everybody has to eat and why not dine at the best restaurants on the Big Island Hawaii. It is not always easy to find these hidden gems, in most cases you wouldn’t even know they were there but you will remember them once you’ve tried them out with your friends and family. I think we get accustomed to eating at the restaurants on the main drag and really don’t get a chance to try the hidden great ones unless someone tells us about them! That is what we are here for!  Contact us and let us know what your favorite restaurants are and we will post them here!

FishHopper Kailua Kona, Hawaii

Honu’s on the Beach Restaurant

Hamburger and fries

The website links to individual restaurants that generally have maps to the locations of their Restaurants in Kona, or you can type their address into your mapping app on your smart phone.

Mushroom covered Steak Dinner

The diverse meals of the Big Island are as comparable as the island itself. Here in Kailua Kona we have quite a selection of places to go. 


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