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Aloha!! We’ve all heard the story, “Every thing was going great until I pulled my back while I was Kayaking…” or “We were having a fantastic vacation when my tooth started killing me..”doctors-appointment
Never say never. Someday even having the best vacation in Kailua Kona, it can happen. You will be on your family trip of a life time, the trip you’ve been planning for months, when all of a sudden you hear that whimper “Mommy, I’m not feeling very good”. You’ll panic and immediately think this just can’t be happening right now!Doctor patient bed
It really sucks when sicknesses happen when you are on vacation and the person sick will feel terrible for any change of plans that that are going to have to happen, plans will have to change while the person is actively sick, injured or if fever is present. The same illness restrictions when at home apply for vacation sickness, too. The way to think about it is if you would be staying home from work or your child from school, you likely shouldn’t be going to a museum or a beach.
We have all been there one time or another when our fun is over due to agony. It isn’t fun being out of your home town when a medical emergency happens. Here is our list of favorite local doctors and medical facilities through the Kailua Kona area. Sorry you had to visit this page, but these doctors will get you back, right as rain! Truth is, if you don’t get hurt, you’re not having enough fun!


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Kailua Kona, Hawaii
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