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ALOHA!! Surfing is the original Hawaiian watersport that is now embraced throughout coastal areas all around the world. It all began with canoe operators that would ride the waves in after a long hard day of fishing; it became a sport of the Kings and has now become a sport that is celebrated around the world, most comfortably in warm climate areas Like Kailua Kona Hawaii. Magic Sands Boogie boarderKona has very warm waters that average 80 degrees year around making it very comfortable to learn to surf. This is your chance to learn to surf so that you can impress your friends back home or check it off your bucket list. Easy does it it Ka'alu'u styleOne thing for sure is that surfing is a sport that really gets you closer to nature and allows you to tap into your deep inner self!

Are you dreaming of a surfing holiday but don’t know where to start? Would you like to surf in tropical waters with professional guides, great equipment and quality waves but don’t know where to go? Look no further.


Check out some of the surf instructing companies below for some great surf teachers that will carefully walk you through the process from beginning to hang ten!! Click the widgets below to see some of the best surf lesson companies on the island. And when you plan your lesson, don’t forget to let them know… you found them on!

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