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Pig huntingALOHA!! Guided HuntingMahalo for checking out our Blog here on Kona-Hi.com. A lot of people do not realize what an abundance of big game wildlife we have here on the Big Island. We have professional Guides that will take you to all of the action!Goats

These guides will take you on the hunt of a lifetime! They will take you throughout diverse areas and climate zones. This site allows you to explore your options from the convenience of your cell phone, tablet, lap top or personal computer!

Some Guides specialize in Mouflon Sheep hunts and Black Hawaiian Sheep and Spanish goats and sheepHawaiian ibex. Of course, Wild Boar is the classic Hawaiian Game animal.

The Spanish goat and Hawaiian ibex are two varieties of goats on the Big Island. Both are hunted in open areas inland on Hawaii Island. Goats can be hunted by either rifle or bow, using spot and stalk and tree stand/ground blind techniques over and around water holes. Goat hunting in the open meadows in Hawaii give archers and rifle hunters a great experience!

Wild TurkeyThe hogs on this island have an interesting story. The pig population were brought to the Islands by the early Polynesians settlers hundreds of years ago, and have thrived under the mild climate of Hawaii. Boars and sows can be hunted using several techniques. Archery, rifle, Dog and Knife or Spear. Because they hang out mostly at night, Boars are usually hunted in the late evening or you can catch them starting to bed in the early morning. I hope this blog helped you to learn something new! If you found this article to be informative, please share this post on one of the Social Media icons below. To see more articles like this, keep surfing through our other blog posts below! If you are planning a Guided Hunt Trip and this is something you want to plan, check out our sponsors below, they will be glad to help you fill that one gap in the old bucket list! We hope you enjoyed our blog about hunting here on the Big Island! Check out our other adventures below! Follow our blog by signing up! -Ryan


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