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ALOHA!! Taking a Kayak out on the Big Island of Hawaii is an amazing way to see the beauty of the Sea and coastal shoreline! The Kayaking company below offers amazing opportunities to see the island from the aspect of the sea.

Boating in the bay

Paddle past reefs filled with thousands of fish at a comfortable 80 degrees, year around! See Dolphins and turtles in their own natural environment, this is a memory you will never forget!

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These Sea Kayak and Snorkeling tour companies offer some serious fun. No experience is necessary to enjoy the spectacular scenery and the convenient distances make for comfortable trips that won’t leave you wore out! Don’t miss out on these outstanding tours on the calm waters of the Kona Coast. You will experience relaxing 2 hour to half day tours, led by naturalist guides and expert kayak operators in a safe environment that will point out to you the beautiful flora and fauna of the Big Island.

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They will guide you through an unimaginable journey, full of landscapes that even seem to take sighs from their very own awe inspiring natural wonder, while rowing in open sea water, which allows you to behold sea life and the beauty of the Hawaiian coastline.


Kona Kayaking


With these companies you will discover that kayaking in open seawater is even easier than kayaking in a river, so these are tours that are suitable for almost every traveler, either experienced in kayaking or not. These are truly outings that you will never forget!

Check out the selection we have picked below. Call our sponsor before you plan your vacation or when you get on island! I hope you enjoyed our post, we have more coming all of the time! Join our blog or like us on Facebook for more posts!

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