Golfing in Kailua Kona, Hawaii

Chip shot or flop shoy

ALOHA!! You live here or you are on vacation on an island that has the best climate and the best golf courses in the world. You must golf! The Big Island is World Renown for some of the best Golf Courses ever made. Putting it inThere are so many to choose from, I have made it simple. Check out the selection I have picked by clicking the widgets below. Golf is just a natural vacation pastime… time to unwind! Explore the many golf courses that are available and start planning your vacation!Beautiful fairways

“The more I practice, the luckier I get” is a quote that has been attributed to many people, Gary Player said. Generally speaking – if you put more time into your golf practice, and practice the right things – your scores will improve. There are so many aspects to the game of golf such as putting, chipping, pitching, driving, bunker shots, flop shots and the list goes on. If you practice one thing a lot and improve in that area, something else usually will get worse – which is why you need Makalei chip into practice in the right way to see your game as a whole, improve. And there is no better way to practice all aspects of golf than play lots of rounds!

putting green

The Big Island has a lot of championship golf courses, either you live here or you are on vacation, try them all! I have played most of them and I can tell you honestly, I haven’t found a hole I didn’t like here on the island! There are huge differences from one golf course to the next!

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Golf in Kona

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