Fire dancing

ALOHA!! The Polynesian Lua’u is not only entertaining, it is very educational and will really give you a glimpse into what early Island life was like and how the Islands were discovered and united. EntertainmentYou will meet Kings and Queens and fierce warriors and strikingly beautiful hula dancers. The firedancing and warrior screaming canoe landings are enlightening stories of many different Hawaiian and Polynesian themes.

Dances with fire

The Lua’u is always accompanied by a large feast of local fruits and vegetables that many people have never eaten. There is always a main entrée of Kalua Pig prepared many different ways depending on the particular Lua’u you will be joining. It really is worthwhile to try them all! The Dance fire styleThe stories told are ancient stories and all of them are unique with extremely talented local dancers that have obviously devoted their lives to their talents as is displayed in every performance! I have been to many Lua’us multiple times and find new and amazing parts I missed before.
No matter where you are on the West side of Hawaii you will find a nearby location to attend a Lua’u. Go through the sites that we have picked out for you above. I can assure you attending any of these performances will leave you in awe and sure delight in your mind and in your belly! Do not come to Hawaii without attending an incredible lu’au! This is a memory you will never forget!


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