Kona Coffee Shops and Coffee Farms

Cup of Java

ALOHA!! Our coffee is known and loved world round as being one of the premier coffees of the world and of course we who live and vacation here in Kona are the lucky coffee connoisseurssince we have the bold aromatic flavored coffee right at our finger tips.

Handful of Beans

There are literally hundreds of Coffee Farms and tasting location is the north and south Kona Districts but which one will you pick to tell all of your friends about?

People often wonder why Kona Coffee is so good. The coffee in Kona is cultivated on the eastern slopes of Hualalai and Mauna Loa. Only the coffee that is grown in the Kona Districts can actually be described as “Kona Coffee”.Sloped farming
The perfect climate of sun drenched  mornings, then increased cloudiness and or rain in the later afternoon, there is very little wind in this climate zone, and warm evenings combined with volcanic soil that is porous and full of minerals create ideal coffee growing conditions.
Hawaii is the only state in the US that grows coffee commercially so it is pretty unique to say; “My Low growing plantscoffee was grown in the good ole US of A!” Who else can say that of your friends and loved ones?
We have created this site in recognition of the high quality coffees in Kailua Kona. On this site we will have allocated space for 6 Coffee Shops and six Coffee Farms. Take the time in your vacation to tour one or more of these farms and get your Java at one of our coffee shops, then don’t forget to ship some home for you and your loved ones. Kona Coffee makes the perfect souvenir from your trip to the Big Island! If you enjoyed this blog, sign up to receive our new blogs as they come up! For more activities scroll down below our coffee shops and farms!


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Coffee from Kailua Kona Hawaii 


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Palm Tree Island


(808) 640-0072
Kailua Kona, Hawaii
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