Internet Investment Links

Looking for a project for investment Potential?? has some domain names available through a partnership with Between the two of them they have made unique and rare domains and websites available to the public that in some cases have been registered for many years! Call at 808-640-0072 about a purchase, rental or lease of any of these websites and domain names!


Dictionary Sports $50-
Weather Translator $50-
Until Eternity $75-
Baddest Ass $100-
Kailua Kona $100-
Translate Technology $100-
US Maps $100-
Weather Check $100-
Ryan Air $150-
Wish of a Dream $178-
Yahoo $200-
Dictionary Games $225-
Speed Crash $227-
Wish Dreaming $228-
Best Pictures $250-
ZXY International $304-
ZXY International $304-
ZXY International $304-
ZXY International $304-
ZXY International $304-
Crashingly $317-
70 o7 $330-
Dream of a wish $375-
Again Already $380-
Previously You $387-
DomainTraffic.Pro $395-
Easy as could be $425-
High American $445-
Dream Wishing $462-
oom0 $495-
You want now $500-
8o9 $500-
Restaurant Near Us $520-
Best strategy $520-
You will live $725-
Korean Fat Boy $1050-
Korean Nuclear $1700-
Ultimate Tips $1900-
Oroville Realty $5000-
Everybody Wishes $5000-
GE Money Bank in the US $9000-
Best Thing In Life $9999-
Taxpayer First BUDGET $10000-
Greatest XXX $40000-
Cab For Less $40000-
Oroville, CA $40000-
Killer URL and Killer URLs $45000-
Greatest URL $45000-
Million Dollar Cash $50000-
AHCA services $75000-
AHCA rules $75000-
AHCA law in the US $99999-

URLs with websites available

Ads will not be removed as rental, (with a lease, payment is doubled and payments will go to principal, Sales price and monthly payments are fixed and all ads will be removed) (Rent for 1/2 price. Rental rate is 50% less than lease payment but ads stay and monthly payment/purchase price is subject to increase with web visibility)

Whale Watch Charter available $200./month

Kona guide available $100./month

Kona Manicure available $100./month

Alii Salon available $100./month

Kona Remodeling available $100./month

Kona Towing available $100./month

Kona Taxi available $100./month

Charter Kona available $100./month

Surf da kine available $100./month

Dive In Kona available $100./month

Kona Dining available $150./month

Kona Golfing available $150./month

Kailua Kona Coffee available $200./month

Shopping Kona available $200./month

Rock Kona available $200./month

Domains without Websites for lease (Will build to suit)

Ali’i Bar available $100./month

Ali’i Kona available $100./month

Ali’i Landscaping FOR LEASE $100./month

Ali’i Remodel FOR LEASE $100./month

Ali’i Restaurant FOR LEASE $100./month

Big Island Hawaii me FOR LEASE $100./month

Bradah FOR LEASE $100./month

Experience Kona Hawaii FOR LEASE $100./month

Hawaii Island Rocks FOR LEASE $100./month

Kailua Kona, Hawaii US FOR LEASE $200./month

Kailua Kona Spa FOR LEASE $100./month

Kona Ad & Kona Ads FOR LEASE together $200./month

Kona Car For Sale FOR LEASE $100./month

Kona Delivery FOR LEASE $100./month

Kona Extreme FOR LEASE $100./month

Kona Fish Charters FOR LEASE $200./month

Kona Hi it FOR LEASE $100./month

Kona House Cleaning FOR LEASE $100./month

Kona Paintings FOR LEASE $200./month

Kona Sale FOR LEASE $200./month

Kona Sign FOR LEASE $200./month

Kona Snorkel Charter FOR LEASE $100./month

Kona Trucking FOR LEASE $200./month

Shoots Life FOR LEASE $100./month

808 technology FOR LEASE $200./month

808 Kona FOR LEASE $200./month

Shop Alii FOR LEASE $200./month

Domains with Websites FOR SALE

O’Reilly Innocent $875-

Strong Buy Recommendations $2650-

Find Lakefront $9500- (no inventory)

Let Freedom Ring $9900- $15000- (no inventory, seller to retain partial ownership)

AHCA details $65000- or highest bidder

Greatest Flix Queen 1981 $99999- or highest bidder

Trump Presidency $99999- or highest bidder $989000- (Includes a 480 page (original content) blog and,, and all with heavy traffic, with 288 advertising spots on each of 5 domains potentially at $50 per month with a potential revenue of $864,000.00 annually) GREAT BRAND! 22,000 followers! 5 Facebook Pages and 5 groups. 3 Twitter accounts and many other social media platforms.

Domains Not Available:

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